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We have a thorough understanding of the detailed requirements of BMW’s and other European vehicles. Our services are available for routine maintenance, specialty mechanical repairs, vehicle customization, and preparation/tuning.

A wide variety of OEM factory parts are available and in stock at low affordable prices. We also have OEM quality aftermarket and performance parts available. Our extremely wide selection of suppliers gives us the flexibility to repair or customize your vehicle the way you want. We are also an authorized BOSCH repair center and parts specialist.


If you have any questions, feel free to call us or book an appointment.

General Services:

  • Vehicle inspection (including the latest computer diagnostic services)
  • Pre-purchase inspection & Ontario Safety Inspection Station
  • BMW scheduled Inspection I and Inspection II 
  • BMW condition-based service (CBS)
  • Oil service including overall vehicle condition check and fluid top ups
  • General repairs and routine maintenance (fluids, brakes, suspension, etc.)
  • Wheel & Tire mounting, balancing, and installation
  • Drip-free winter rust proofing
  • Windshield Replacements and repairs
  • Electrical repairs

Specialized Services:

  • Complete engine overhauling / rebuilding
  • Connecting rod bearing replacements
  • Engine replacements
  • Transmission diagnostics & repair
  • Forced Induction kit installations
  • Installation of mechanical and minor cosmetic modifications
  • Complete suspension upgrades
  • Dynapack Dyno testing
  • Engine Control Unit remapping
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • BMW Crank Hub upgrades
  • BMW subframe repairs and reinforcements
  • Vanos repair, rebuild and upgrades
  • Timing chain updates and replacements
Tires & Wheels
brake repair
Transmission repair
oil change
dyno testing
Exhaust System
Steering and Suspension


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