Spring trophy races 2023

The race weekend started early Friday morning. RMP Competizione had multiple cars testing for the weekend events.
Everything went well overall, with some slight tweaks to the setups we were ready for competition.

Practice session was held early Saturday morning , after some checks and small changes to the cars we were ready to qualify.

Qualifying had some tough competition. With many high horsepower purpose-built race cars in our class, we were able to qualify an impressive 3rd overall in GT1 with a lap time of 1:22.3 in our M235iR. This was the fastest lap time we have done so far at CTMP.

Race 1 was after lunch, with many battles between the top drivers in GT1, Rocco Marciello in the M235ir finished 4th in GT1 and team mate Delle Donne in his M4 GT4 not far behind. In GT2 John Hansen in his E36 S65 finished 1st, Daria Khachi in his E46 M3 finished in 2nd and in GT3 Bruce Wylie finished in 2nd.

Race 2 was Sunday morning. RMP Competizione ready to go with drivers Rocco Marciello, Michael Delle Donne, John Hansen, Daria Khachi, Pat Cyr and Bruce Wylie competing.

From the start of the race once again Rocco Marciello battled at the top of GT1, leading most of the race until he was forced off track in corner 5 because of another competitors unexpected aggressive pass. This causing him to finish in 5th. In GT2 John Hansen finished 1st again and Pat Cyr in 3rd. Daria Khachi broke out of the time bracket with 1:26 lap time forcing him to start last in the last race.

Race 3 was Sunday afternoon. Rocco battled hard for the whole race placing 4th overall and in GT1. John Hansen 2nd in GT2 and Daria Khachi 3rd in GT2. In GT3 Bruce Wylie finished in 3rd.
Multiple RMP cars were on the podium this weekend as usual, we are looking forward to the next race at Shanonville in June.

We would like to thank our sponsors for the continued support, Fuchs oil, ACL Race bearings and MolySlip.

SMP CUP 2023!

The second event of the CASC Pirelli GT Sprint Championship was held at Shannonville Motorsport Park. We were setup and ready for testing on Friday.

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